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Council Member Shares at Family Links Conference

This year the Autism Council of Utah was proud to be a sponsor of the Family Links conference held March 25, 26 at Murray High School.. This annual conference is a wonderful opportunity for parents of children and adults with disabilities to learn and network. In addition to being sponsors, the ACU participated in the...
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Autism Awareness Month

Happy Autism Awareness Day and month! There are so many things going on In April to bring awareness to autism. Check out the events page. I especially love this picture of the balloon launching for Autism Awareness Day as Carson strikes the classic autism pose of covering his ears. I’m also really excited for our...
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ACU Press Conference

Thanks to everyone who participated in the ACU press conference to introduce the autism specialty license plate. There is a great article in the March 11, 2011 Salt Lake Tribune.

Excited for our annual meeting!

We are getting very excited to have our big annual meeting for the Autism Council on April 6th. It will be at the State Capitol Auditorium, that’s the building just north of the fountain in between the east and west buildings behind the capitol. We will be highlighting professional best practices, and have some fabulous...
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Not All News About Autism is Good

Recently in the local newspapers there have been several articles about autism that have not been positive – but have been very upsetting. As the Autism Council of Utah we need to be aware of these issues. The Autism Council of Utah has collaborated with Sahara Cares to produce an Autism and Law Enforcesment DVD...
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2011 Legislative Update

Since the Social Services Committee held the interim meeting in January and took public comment, they are not expecting to have any more public comment. The committee has been trying to work with the list they have and implement cuts while funding what they can. This week they re-prioritized the list to send to Executive...
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