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2011 Legislative Update

Since the Social Services Committee held the interim meeting in January and took public comment, they are not expecting to have any more public comment. The committee has been trying to work with the list they have and implement cuts while funding what they can. This week they re-prioritized the list to send to Executive...
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Being a Member of the Autism Council of Utah

The questions was recently asked “What can being a member of the Autism Council do for me?” I would like to change that question to “What can you do for the Autism Council?” Every member of the Autism Council of Utah is influenced by Autism, personally, professionally, or both. Our commitment should be unified as...
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Here they come…the holidays. I remember when I could hardly wait to get started, but as the mother of Ty, a 14 yr old with autism, I can tell you that my excitement turns more into that of tactical survival mode. While autism has changed our holiday experience, it isn’t necessarily for the worse. Our...
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Less than two months until the license plate arrives!

The autism specialty license plate is coming to a DMV nearest you in January! Thanks to Amanda, Amy, Tricia and Pam for all the hard work in putting on the golf tournament that allowed us to raise the bulk of the funds needed to start production, and to everyone else who contributed. YAY!