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Social Skills Groups ~ For Individuals with Autism

Social Skills Groups ~ For Individuals with Autism

Autism Solutions ~ The Sensory Group and Social Skills Groups meet regularly in six-week courses, depending on demand. They are small-group gatherings. Activities are organized based on the needs and skill levels of the participants. Call for more information.

U-FIT ~ U-FIT is a family-centered, family-friendly program designed for children and youth with special needs. We provide physical activities in a fun, noncompetitive atmosphere that will help individuals reach their goals! By working along side skilled volunteers, the program is designed to build friendships, increase self-esteem, improve motor skills and levels of physical fitness while ultimately having fun in a nurturing environment. The key to the success of the U-FIT Program is through family involvement of those who participate. U-FIT tries to meet the goals and needs of the family that is as diverse as the participant.

Kids on the Move ~ The Autism Center is now going to provide social skills help for teens with autism.  For more info or to enroll, please contact Leslie Lilino at or by calling 801-221-9930 ext 241.

Utah Behavior Services ~ We offer group social skills sessions in a supportive peer group environment, to strategically teach, practice, and master age-typical social interactions.

Neurobehavioral Center for Growth ~ NBCG serves children, adolescents, adults and families. Our vision it to enable each individual to reach their full potential. Each provider is committed to exuding”hope” or anticipation for positive change with an attitude of grace that isolates behaviors and symptoms form the person.

Matt’s Place ~ Matt’s Place is a non-profit center focused on helping families and individuals with social and behavioral struggles, and those on the Autism Spectrum.


The social skills group list that is provided in this site are provided for informational and planning purposes. The ACU is not responsible for the programs, the misuse or misrepresentation of the information provided by these programs.