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Lots of things happening

Hey out there in autism land, lots of stuff going on!

First of all, did everyone see the news about the new autism numbers on the rise, 1/77 now.  Wow.  The Autism Council of Utah will keep working diligently for all those affected by autism. I hope we are all willing to become ambassadors for a global change in helping others understand autism and the needs associated with it.  We can work for the changes we all want to see.  Share what you know about autism with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, educators, legislators, and autism service providers.  We are our kids voices.  The world can meet us half way… change starts with us.

On a lighter note, the May Big MAKS lunch will be a “wake” for the end of school.  We will all wear black, and whomever wants will give a eulogy for the end of school, and the start of summer.  We all know what a sad occasion this is, no more school and lots of days without end…well at least it might seem like it.

Check out the blog for details. Big MAKs website

Hang in there…it’s all good.
Cheryl C. Smith