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SPARK ~ Free Autism Research

Huge New Autism Study Using DNA Research

Join SPARK, a free online research study with a mission to speed up research and advance the understanding of autism. The entire autism community is encouraged to participate, including adults and children diagnosed with autism, as well as their biological parents and siblings. DNA gathered will be analyzed to expand our understanding of the role of specific genes in the development of autism.

Additionally, you may qualify to receive:

  • Updates on the latest research.
  • Access to experts who will arm you with information to help address daily situations.
  • Results from the analysis of your or your family’s DNA, in the event that you opt to receive this information and a genetic cause for autism is identified
  • A $50 gift card for the individual with autism once your family has completed. registration in SPARK and mailed back the saliva samples.
  • To learn more about SPARK and register online via a secure portal, visit ~

All data provided to SPARK will be stored without any identifying information and kept confidential.