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ACU’s Annual Meeting 2015

ACU Annual Meeting 2015:
Celebrating Utah’s Colleges and Universities


Our President, Laura Anderson, began by welcoming everyone and highlighting some of the people who have demonstrated “The Power of One.” One person can make a huge difference, and we have had many who have done so, simply by deciding to try.


We were then pleased to receive a message from Governor Herbert (video here).

Following introductions of those present, our past president, Cheryl Smith, presented the Year in Review, Grants Given & Received, and a brief overview of the flyers and brochures in the folders that were distributed. Then we were honored to hear a few remarks from Chris Jensen from Coldwell Banker, one of our newest partners and supporters (video here). We have truly been overwhelmed by the efforts and enthusiasm of Chris and his team!

Next, Cheryl presented an overview of our website, blog, store, and social media. We are working hard to be cyber-savvy and user friendly, to better achieve our goal of promoting “access to resources and responsible information for individuals of all ages who have, or are affected by autism, or related conditions.” (from the ACU mission statement) (info here)

We then recognized our award recipients:
Here is a brief video presentation introducing them.

We then moved on to the topic of our meeting, Utah’s Colleges and Universities.
We enjoyed hearing from:
Dr. Bryce Fifield (Representing Dr. Thomas Higbee, Utah State University) info here
Dr. Patrick Leytham (Weber State University)
Dr. William McMahon (University of Utah) info here
Dr. Teresa Cardon (Utah Valley University) info here
Dr. Terisa Gabrielson (Brigham Young University) info here

In conclusion, we celebrated the Autism Council of Utah’s 10th anniversary by sharing the very first video produced by the ACU, followed by a very special birthday song by Cheryl’s son Carson.

A huge thank you to everyone who came despite the hurdles we had to overcome, and also to those who worked tirelessly to prepare information and presentations to share with us! Thank you all, so very much!