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Another Year… Another Round of Looking for Resources

School is underway again. For many of us it means new routines, new teachers, maybe even a new school… For others, it’s another reminder how close we are to transitioning to adult services, if not in the midst of that transition or still trying to sort out what’s out there for adults on the spectrum. There certainly is no rest for the weary, because just because this year is underway, there’s always next year to think about.

There are so many of us who have spent more hours trying to figure out where to send our child with ASD to elementary school than what many of us spent trying to sort out where to go to college! Not to mention the inordinate amounts of time figuring out doctors and therapy and social groups and support.

The ACU is “Your Autism Connection” here in Utah! The Events and Resources pages are alive and ever changing, with new resources being added all of the time. There are so many listings for education, recreation, and plenty of service providers, too. And we’ve linked it up with facebook, so you can tell how many people have recommended it. If you like a resource and aren’t into social media, feel free to use our comment section to tell us and we’ll add your recommendations, too.

And speaking of recommendations, have you seen the video and materials on “Autism: Essentials for Educators”? I love them! They are produced by the Utah Personnel Development Center, and can be found at We saw parts of the video at the last ACU annual meeting, and I think it is fabulous! Even for me, as a parent, because it gives a great summary of autism (when people ask me about it, sometimes I would be stumped for a reply, and this has given me some things to say!) as well as handy tips and tricks for working with kiddos that can be used immediately. I personally have recommended this site to friends who are teachers or otherwise work with children, and they also think it is great!

Here’s to a great school year!

-Liz Saling
Membership & Information Chair