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“Autism After 21 Day”

“Autism After 21 Day”

The legislature passed a resolution naming April 21st “Autism After 21 Day” here in Utah. When individuals turn 22, they fall off the “cliff” of educational services and are left to find meaningful employment, education, housing, and even leisure opportunities. Some adults on the autism spectrum can self-advocate and make wonderful employees. Some will need more supports in the hope of more independence.

We are having a breakfast on April 21st for business leaders to show them what autism is like and how we can come together as community partners to celebrate adults on the autism spectrum. We are not asking them for money or resources, it’s just a lovely, complimentary breakfast and a message of collaboration and awareness. We will start early 7:30 a.m., and have them out at least by 9:00 a.m. so that it doesn’t take up their day. It will be held at the Thomas S. Monson Center on 411 E. South Temple.

I am amazed at all the wonderful things we can accomplish together. How much safer, and included our “kids” will be when businesses along their path know them, acknowledge them as they shop, ask them how they are, employ them, watch out for them, and be their friend. I hope we can bring businesses together to show them how truly remarkable people on the autism spectrum are.

Please personally contact the business leaders that you know and invite them to this breakfast. RSVP’s should come to me at by April 17th. Seating is limited.

Thanks for your help! Cheryl Smith