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Autism Awareness Month

Happy Autism Awareness Day and month! There are so many things going on In April to bring awareness to autism. Check out the events page. I especially love this picture of the balloon launching for Autism Awareness Day as Carson strikes the classic autism pose of covering his ears.

I’m also really excited for our annual ACU meeting on April 6th. We will highlight some of the things some fabulous professionals in our state are doing for autism, as well as talk about everything that’s going on.

The last autism tip I got was not to waste time on things where there is another way. If the kid just cannot get money counting, get them a debit card; if they can’t learn to tie their shoes, get them loafers. We take one step forward and then maybe two steps back, we fail sometimes at figuring it out, but we get back up and try!

Cheryl Smith
ACU President