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Autism Friendly Disneyland Tips!

Hello ACU peeps,

Well I returned from yet another Disneyland trip relatively unscathed, and even had fun! So here are my autism friendly tips for that big trip to Disneyland:

1. Have your kid with autism wear the sanctioned autism t-shirt (I have Autism, be nice to my mom, or some other form of advertisement) at all times advertising the fact that although he/she is very cute, there WILL be some misbehavior. I have a Disneyland set of t-shirts that are bright yellow so that I can see him at all times. I also write my cell phone number on the back in black marker.
2. On the airplane, seat the person most affected by autism by the window, behind a family member, and next to a family member. That way, when the freak out occurs, it’s only your family that gets the brunt of it.
3. Prepare other tactics for diversion when all electronics must be turned off, i.e. magnadoodle, books, candy, etc.
4. Medicate the child and one of the parents.
5. A Sudafed just before flight will help with the ear popping.
6. Plan for the food. Pack snacks to tide the kid with autism over. Lines for food are long and waiting is hard. Find a place before you go into the park in which your child will eat something.
7. Stop by the “city hall” to get your disability pass which allows you to enter the rides through the exit and skip the long waiting lines. NOTE: The autism friendly t-shirts also help with the stink eye when you go to the front of the line.
8. When your kid acts out, start signing to him/her, or speaking in another language…it lets other people know that something is not quite right, give you a tiny bit of sympathy factor.

Now, go, have fun, and keep your arms and legs inside!!

Cheryl C.Smith