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Being a Member of the Autism Council of Utah

The questions was recently asked “What can being a member of the Autism Council do for me?”

I would like to change that question to “What can you do for the Autism Council?”

Every member of the Autism Council of Utah is influenced by Autism, personally, professionally, or both. Our commitment should be unified as we work to foster collaboration, communication, and learning among families and agencies. (ACU Mission statement)

Being a member of the Autism Council gives you the opportunity and responsibility to share information with your agencies, organizations, support groups, and friends. You are the conduit between the ACU and the rest of the state.

The council has representatives from various national and local organizations, state agencies, public and private organizations, and individuals. We should all be united in supporting each other, and those we care for. So, as a member of the Autism Council of Utah, you are serving as an ambassador for autism, and that’s a very important responsibility. The council of depending on you, and the autism community needs you.

The Autism Council of Utah – Your Autism Resource

Hope your new year is off to a wonderful start – and know how important you are to us!

Laura Anderson
President Elect
Autism Council of Utah