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Best Practices

We routinely visit different agencies, school classrooms, and various groups to recognize “Best Practices.”  Our goal is not only to recognize efforts, but to show you how it is done.  Most of the ideas are inexpensive and easy to implement.  Sometimes getting support from “the team” is the only thing you need.  The team might include principals, bosses, directors, staff, and other stakeholders.  Learn about different techniques today and use them tomorrow!  Use these suggestions and ideas to encourage “the big cheese” to implement effective practices.

Featured Best Practices

Dr. Barney Olsen, DDS, MS
Paul Day, Autism Program Specialist for Washington County School District
Josette Dorious, Service Director for the HOME Program (Healthy Outcomes Medical Excellence)

General educators can use this information for instant methods on working with students with high-functioning autism and Aspberger’s Syndrome.

Archive of Best Practices

Best Practices Nominations

Now you can nominate someone in Utah to receive recognition from the Autism Council of Utah for a “Best Practice”.  Simply fill out this simple form and return it to us by sending it in an email to cheryl@autismcouncilofutah.org. Lean more about our nomination process by viewing our Nomination Guidelines.