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Upcoming Events and Other Info

Summer is in full swing, and we have several events coming up for you to put on your calendar. See the ACU calendar for more info on these events–we have posted flyers for most of them. https://autismcouncilofutah.org//get-involved/events/ First, “Autism: Coming of Age” film screening, Thursday, June 28, 6:30 pm, Okazaki Community Meeting room, 155A, Goodwin Humanitarian Building...
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10 Best Reasons You Should Get Your Autism License Plate

The Autism Council of Utah is taking grant applications to provide funding to organizations within the State of Utah that support our mission statement. Part of those funds are received through autism license plate purchases. I invite you to purchase your autism license plate now if you haven’t already. The process is easy and the $25...
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Autism Treatment Account Information

The Autism Treatment Account Advisory Committee, authorized by Utah law, developed a rule to govern administration of the Autism Treatment Account monies. This rule includes qualification criteria and procedures for selecting children who may qualify for assistance from the account; qualifications, criteria, and procedures for evaluating the services and providers to include in the program;...
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Info on Autism Treatment Fund and Autism Medicaid Waiver

Information on the autism programs passed in this year’s legislative session… I’ve been attending/participating on several autism committees as a result of recent legislation. Even though we are spending lots of time on this, we have SO much red tape to wade through and we have to follow the law…darn it, so the Autism Treatment...
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Autism Friendly Disneyland Tips!

Hello ACU peeps, Well I returned from yet another Disneyland trip relatively unscathed, and even had fun! So here are my autism friendly tips for that big trip to Disneyland: 1. Have your kid with autism wear the sanctioned autism t-shirt (I have Autism, be nice to my mom, or some other form of advertisement)...
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The Stare

As a parent of a child with autism, you become all too aware of “The Stare”. Because many of our kids lack the visual cue that they have a disability (a wheel chair, walker, distinguishable physical characteristic) the looks and stares can feel like a judgement or criticism. The stares tend to come with the...
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