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ACU ~ John Robison

“I believe those of us with Asperger’s are here for a reason, and we have much to offer.” ~ John Robison

ACU ~ Raising Cubby      ACU ~ look me in the eyes     ACU ~ Be Different

Raising Cubby: A Father and Son’s Adventures with Asperger’s, Trains, Tractors, and High Explosives

Look Me In The Eye :  Story of growing up with Asperger’s syndrome at a time when the diagnosis didn’t even exist. 

Be Different :  Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian


ACU ~ Temple

“The world needs different kinds of minds working together.” ~ Temple Grandin


ACU ~ Different not less     ACU ~ The way i see it     ACU ~ The Autistic brain

Different…Not Less: Inspiring stories of achievement and successful employment for adults wit Autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD

The Way I See It:  A personal look at Autism and Asperger’s

The Autistic Brain:  Thinking across the spectrum

ACU ~ The Reason I jump author

“True compassion is about not bruising the other person’s self-respect.” ~ Naoki Higashida

ACU ~ The reason I jump

The Reason I Jump:  The inner voice of a thirteen-year-old boy with Autism



  • Behavioral Intervention For Young Children with Autism by Catherine Maurice
  • Let Me Hear Your Voice by Catherine Maurice
  • Relationship Development Intervention with Young Children by Steven Gutstein
  • The Growth of the Mind by Stanley Greenspan
  • The Child with Special Needs by Stanley Greenspan
  • The Affect Based Language Curriculum by Stanley Greenspan
  • My Social Stories Book by Carol Gray
  • Overcoming Autism by Lynn Kern, Ph.D. Koegel, Claire Lazebnik
  • Teaching Children with Autism to Mind-Read by Patricia Howlin
  • Mindblindness by Simon Baron-Cohen
  • When Everybody Cares by Bobby Newman, Ph.D
  • The Autism Social Skills Picture Book by Jed Baker, Ph.D
  • The Boy Who Loved Windows by Patricia Stacey
  • A Real Boy by Christina Adams
  • The Autism Sourcebook by Karen Siff Exkorn
  • Technology and the Treatment of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Autism and child psychopathology series by Teresa A. Cardon

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