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The Leadership Team oversees government affairs for state and county autism issues by supporting current executive initiatives, networking, educating, representing ACU on various State committees, and overseeing the ACU in general.

The ACU has several committees and special projects that address all issues facing individuals with autism and their families throughout their lifespan. Membership in the Council is not required to participate on any committee or initiate and oversee a special project. If you would like to become a member, sign up today! (No membership fees apply.) As a member of the ACU you are expected to educate others, share resources and services information with your circle of influence, and promote the mission of the ACU.

Each committee and special project group has different meeting schedules that range from teleconferences, regular meetings, and ad hoc meetings. Participation in a committee can be as long-term or short-term as you would like…we know that life happens! Please look at the following brief descriptions of the committees and see where your interests and expertise are. Contact the committee chair for more information and to participate.
The current committees are as follows:

Fundraising: Initiate and oversee special projects and fundraising efforts. 

  • Chairs: Open Position

Events: Oversee conferences, exhibits, ACU information

Public Relations: Meet and compile media contacts, write and distribute press releases, provide autism resources for media.

Information Technology: Communication, information, web site, services, resources, membership, update information and calendar, disseminate information to membership.

Research: Support Utah’s research efforts, evaluate, disseminate and facilitate.

Educator Awards:  School services throughout the State, observe, share and recognize best practices in the school district.

  • Chair:  Amy Peters ~
    Special projects can be initiated by any stakeholder or member, have a clear purpose with a start and end date, and are approved by the Leadership Team. Some examples of special projects are the autism speciality license plate, and the law enforcement training.

Current Special Projects include:

. Juvenile Justice system training on autism
. Journey Through Autism, an exhibit
. Autism Specialty License Plate awareness


The ACU leadership team has implemented new processes that will make becoming a member and joining a committee easier. The application for membership in the ACU is now on the website and can be completed electronically. All committees and committee chair information is on the website as well. Please contact the chairs directly if you can help on any committee.

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