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Dr. Gerhardt – Teens and Adults with Autism

Dr. Gerhardt was fantastic! We had a great turn out and everyone loved the good “take home” information on teens and adults with autism. I do have some extra handouts if anyone is interested, and we were really excited that we were able to film his presentation with grant money. The presentation will be available on the ACU web site for free use in training or just viewing. My goal now is to get all this great adult autism stuff going on in Utah, even if it is a pretty, great state already. Laura and I have been finding ourselves training group homes and facilities on adults with autism as they are starting to see folks with autism and don’t know what to do with them…sad, and scary, BUT who better to change the world than all of the autism parents!!

Wow, school is just about here…Praise all that’s good and holy! We are ALL ready.

Cheryl C. Smith