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First Responder Training

On June 8th, 2012 Agent Kyle Andersen of tthe Utah Department of Corrections Adult Probation and Parole Division, participated in a “Train the Trainer” workshop sponsored by the Utah State Health Department, on behalf of the Autism Council of Utah.  Training Officers from police departments, fire departments, Salt Lake County Health Department, schools, and various other agencies participated in the training which included classes on all kinds of disabilities including the class taught by Kyle on Autism.  Three sessions were attended by approximately 45 trainers and the course was well received with the class just before lunch having the participants staying on their own time for an extra 20 minutes of Q&A.   Agent Andersen is also on the list for the “road show” version of this program where the training will be taken to other parts of the state in order to spread the knowledge.

This website has a link where you can view the pdf file “Tips for First Responders”. Very useful information!!