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Grant Proposal Announcement ACU 2016-2017

Request for Proposal Announcement

Autism Council of Utah 2016-2017


The Autism Council of Utah is proud to introduce a Request for Proposal for grant seekers looking to offer services to adolescents or adults on the autism spectrum. For this funding opportunity, we are looking to promote the development of new programs or services, or to enhance or expand current programs in order to increase services and supports for adolescents or adults with ASD. The Autism Council of Utah is seeking grant requests for up to $20,000 that will offer direct services and support to this underserved population.


Full Proposal Due: October 1, 2016


E-mail your grant proposal to Cheryl Smith at

Notification of Grant Award: November 1, 2016

Funds Available: Upon Notification

Final Report Due: December 1, 2017


Eligible Applicants:

Agencies, school districts, and Institutes of higher education serving adolescent and adults on the autism spectrum.


Number of Awards anticipated: 2-4

Approximate funds available per award: $10,000-20,000

Proposal Requirements:

  1. Name of organization
  2. Name of contact person
  3. Phone number
  4. E-mail address
  5. Describe how these funds will be used to develop services or programs that will benefit adolescents and/or adults on the autism spectrum.
  6. Include how many individuals will be impacted if you receive this grant.
  7. Provide a detailed budget outlining how the funds will be used. Please note the ACU does not fund indirect costs.
  8. Describe the support (both financial and programmatic) that you will receive from your organization to effectively implement the proposed program.
  9. Is this a new program?
  10. Describe how the program will be funded in the future when grant monies are no longer supporting the program.
  11. Describe your plan to implement the program if you do not get the grant

NOTE – this is the ACU, not the NIH, please keep your grant succinct and precise.



Funded Project Requirements:

  1. Grantee must include the ACU logo on all promotional materials
  2. Grantee must reference the ACU grant in any presentations or publications that arise from the program
  3.  Grantee must submit a Final Project Report with photos to the ACU by December 1st 2017


If you have questions, please contact:

Cheryl Smith at