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Here they come…the holidays. I remember when I could hardly wait to get started, but as the mother of Ty, a 14 yr old with autism, I can tell you that my excitement turns more into that of tactical survival mode. While autism has changed our holiday experience, it isn’t necessarily for the worse. Our holidays have become quieter, less chaotic, and simple.

We live be one rule – Fair Does Not Mean Equal. Fair is doing what is best for each person, and that is especially important the holiday season. Last Thanksgiving was being held with my husbands family 2 hours away with a large group of people. It was important that my husband and daughter have a good time, and enjoy the family. Ty and I stayed home. We all had a great time!! Ty was happy, I was relaxed, and while the family missed us they were able to have a great time, and brought home wonderful left overs.

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