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KBYU Eleven commits an evening of television to programs about autism.

March 25th 2016 – On April 4th, KBYU Eleven commits an evening of television to programs about autism.

Beginning at 8 PM Ask Eleven, host Rebecca Cressman and a group of local autism experts will answer viewer questions and discuss services available to Utah families in a live one-hour program.

Following Ask Eleven, a documentary called Autism: Coming of Age airs at 9 PM. This program examines how individuals with autism can transition successfully into adulthood. Viewers are given an inside look into the lives of three adults with autism, including in-depth interviews with their families and support teams. Autism and disability experts from Massachusetts, New York, Washington, Virginia and Pennsylvania also discuss the current system, impending challenges and possible outcomes for the future.

Finally, at 10pm, Children and Autism: Time is Brain, shows a sensitive and engaging portrait of two families faced with the challenge of raising a child with autism. Although some scientists remain mystified about the causes of the complex neurological disorder, experts claim that early diagnosis and appropriate intervention are the keys to helping children with autism reach their potential. In this program, therapists and a board-certified behavior analyst discuss diagnosis, early intervention, and treatment.
During the broadcast from 8 to 9 PM MST on April 4th, viewers can submit their questions live by: 1) calling 855-801-1980 2) visiting KBYU-TV Eleven’s Facebook page @ or 3) by posting questions on twitter using @kbyueleven or ‪#‎kbyueleven‬. To send questions in advance, email Tune in to channel 11 on Monday April 4th, from 8 to 11 PM to learn more about autism.

Lydia Nielsen
Community Engagement Coordinator
KBYU-TV Eleven

About Ask Eleven (KBYU-TV’s Public Service Series)
Ask Eleven is a bridge between Utah citizens and Utah experts. Through this live television call-in program, KBYU viewers can speak directly to those who have the answers they need. Past episodes of Ask Eleven have provided Utahans with access to experts on employment, managing debt and credit, home financing and foreclosure, prescription drug abuse, early child development and childcare, mental illness, grieving the loss of a loved-one, inclusive education, and more.
About Rebecca Cressman

Rebecca Cressman is a well-known Utah broadcaster and Brigham Young Univeristy graduate in Communications. Cressman hosts FM1000.3’s public affairs interview program, Utah Weekly Forum, on Sunday nights and Utah Families on Monday nights. She also writes a monthly column for Utah Family Magazine.
About BYU Autism Connect

Autism Connect is committed to improving the lives of individuals and families dealing with autism spectrum disorders using scientific research. The organization connects families with helpful studies and programs. Through Autism Connect, you can gain direct access to trustworthy autism news and the latest in opportunities to participate in research.

Autism expert Mikle South studies emotion regulation in individuals with autism. Terisa Gabrilesen spent many years as a school psychologist working with children with autism; her current research involves methods for teaching social skills to teens and young adults coping with the condition. Both are part of the BYU Autism Connect center in the David O. McKay School of Education.