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Laura is an Angel for Autism! and Upcoming Events

Our very own Laura Anderson, President-Elect of the ACU, won the Angels for Autism award at the Autism Speaks kick off! We are so proud of her. Laura has done much to advocate for individuals with autism and we are very lucky to have her serve on our leadership team. As many of you are aware, she is also the co-queen of the Big MAKS (mothers of autistic kids) and serves on many more committees for autism.

We are WAY excited that Peter Gerhardt is coming August 6th, register at the Utah Parent Center. He is very knowledgable about adults and teens with autism and fun to listen to as well. The SaharaCares carnival will be September 17th at Wheeler Farm, and the Autism Speaks walk is October 8th at Rio Tinto. The Big MAKs have a team if you want to sign up and don’t have a team.

Autism is on the rise and so are the autism advocates!! Hang in there, summer is not forever.

Cheryl C.Smith