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My Child Might Have Autism. What Should I Do? ~ FastStart Checklist

This My Child Might Have Autism. What Should I Do? FastStart Checklist was created to help parents who are concerned that their child is exhibiting signs of an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  It serves as a general guideline for obtaining support through the evaluation and initial treatment process and is not intended to be all-inclusive. Work with your physician, service provider, and other knowledgeable people to determine the best route for your family. Don’t worry about trying to do everything on this list, as they are provided as points to consider. You know your family’s capabilities best and you should try only those interventions and treatments that make sense to your family.

Utah Parent Center Resource Lists

The Utah Parent Center has a project dedicated to Autism Information Resources.  As part of that project, they have created a collection of resource lists.  Currently they have more than 25 lists on topics including: assistive technology, occupational and physical therapists, recreation, sensory integration,

UPC e-Connections, Latest Issue

The Utah Parent Center regularly publishes an electronic newsletter to help you stay connected!  Read the latest issue of UPC e-Connections and find out more on what is going in Utah and the nation and learn about new resources and helpful information!

Autism Speaks School Toolkit

Autism Speaks has created a toolkit to help you!  It is not intended to be a curriculum for special education students on the autism spectrum, but rather a support for the general education and administrative staff who interact with students with autism in various capacities.  However, it is envisioned that this toolkit will provide valuable information and resources that can be employed by special education and administrative staff in their efforts to plan for and support students in general education environments and involvement in the school community as a whole.

Autism: Essentials for Educators

Utah Personnel Development Center gives an introduction to autism for teachers who work with students with high functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome. These materials may be used in two one-hour sessions and include pre-session reading assignments, video, facilitator’s guide, and participants’ handouts.