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Diagnosis and Behavioral, Developmental, Social Skills, Sensory, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Able-differently (formerly Able) is a non-profit community service to help build strength-based wellbeing resources and positive mental health for children with special health care needs and their families. Able-differently is contributed to by its community members, without costs as a non-profit public program, as an investment in healthy Utah families. Able-differently promotes a self-help model that serves school and younger age children and their families with special health care needs, who have not had success with typical forms of intervention. We support parents solving problems themselves with participation in family centered community partnerships such as with schools, medical homes and mental health systems.


Clearfield, UT
Preschool and elementary aged children who have Impulsivity challenges, Anxiety, Depression, Attachment challenges, Behavioral challenges, Attention challenges, Social challenges, Communication challenges…No diagnosis is required nor given. We have trained swim instructors as well as behavioral specialists performing the weekly instructions. We coach good parents with the intent to make lasting changes. Adapted from well known, researched and proven programs like 1-2-3 Magic, Love and Logic, and the Total Transformation Program. Held at Clearfield Aquatic Center.

Alternative Behavior Strategies
Jeff Skibitsky, M.A., BCBA
Director of Services
Salt Lake City, Utah
(310) 916-6155
Alternative Behavior Strategies (ABS) is an ABA based consultation firm that utilizes the principles of Positive Behavior Supports and empirically based Applied Behavior Analysis to help better the quality of life of each client served. ABS works to educate and support caretakers to create alternatives to challenging behavior and develop additional skill sets to allow for more opportunity in the life of the client. The lifespan perspective of ABS opens doors for service of children (from age 18 months) through adulthood, with detail oriented individualized plans developed and monitored by Board Certified Behavior Analysts.


ASSERT (Autism Support Services: Education, Research & Training)
Thomas S. Higbee, Ph.D., BCBA
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322
(435) 797-1933
Provides effective educational and behavioral early intervention using research-based best practices. Conducts research to improve educational and behavioral interventions for children with autism.

Autism Behavior Treatment Center
12222 South 1000 East, Suite 3
Draper, Utah
(801) 572-5727 or (801) 572-5723


Autism Give
Utah Autism Give is a parent driven 501(c) (3) non-profit organization providing relief and support to individuals and families in Utah affected by autism.

Autism Journeys Treatment Center
(801) 766-8681
3130 W. Maple Loop Dr., Suite 110, Lehi UT, 84043
(Thanksgiving Point Business Park)
Autism Journeys offers comprehensive, multi-disciplinary treatment for individuals of all ages with autism spectrum disorders and related developmental delays. Services include: Diagnostic Evaluations, Individualized developmental and behavioral interventions (ABA, DIR-Floortime and PLAY Project, PECS and other visual aides, TEACCH, Social-Thinking techniques, and many others), Individual and family counseling, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Music Therapy, Individual and group social skills intervention, sensory integration and many others. Autism Journeys team members include a licensed child psychologist, licensed clinical therapist, licensed speech pathologist, licensed occupational therapist, certified music therapist, and various developmental and intervention specialists. Pathways Preschool offers a socially-based preschool curriculum for children ages 2 ½ through 5 years of age. Each classroom is made up of children on the autism spectrum and neuro-typical peers. 2:1 student-teacher ratio.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic

650 Komas Dr, Ste 206

Salt Lake City, UT 84108


An outpatient clinic serving individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.  This program is a partnership of the University of Utah Department of Psychiatry, Neurobehavior HOME Program, and the University Neuropsychiatric Institute.  We will provide diagnostic assessments, therapy, behavior management, school consultations, and a variety of therapeutic groups for children, adolescents, and adults.

Blog post about the ASD Clinic



Autism Spectrum Disorder Connections (ASD Connections)
Robyn Anderson
This team, consisting of educators and speech-language pathologists, offers parents consultations and direct services (e.g., PECS, TEACCH, ABA/discrete trial programs, social skills, language therapy) to children with autism. They will also train others (e.g., teachers, extended family, church workers, babysitters) in best practices for working with children with autism. (ASD Connections)


Building Pathways

Tara Dean, RDI Consultant
370 East South Temple, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT, 84111
(801) 599-0587
Certified consultant, family-based therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders


Butterfly Effects
Home/School Based Services
Salt Lake City & Surrounding Areas
(888) 880-9270
Butterfly Effects provides community based therapy and tutoring services to individuals of all ages addressing challenges in the areas of academics, behavior, communication, daily living, social and life skills. Staff with expertise in the areas of Applied Behavior Analysis and other related health services guides program development, while providing oversight to a team of skill program implementers. With one-stop access to hundreds of skilled therapists and tutors from all disciplines, we can help identify the program right for you.


BYU Psychology Clinic
Mikle South
ADOS, ADI, IQ, and language testing (as needed).


Canines with a Cause
The mission of “Canines With a Cause” is to rescue shelter dogs and train them to work with people who need a companion, therapy or service dog. Although we know all dogs are wonderful, some of them just don’t have what it takes nor do they want to work, they prefer being with person or family and just can’t leave kitties, other dogs or distractions alone. They are all special in our eyes and have basic training.

Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University (CPD)
Offers diagnostic and treatment services to individuals with autism and other disabilities.


Child Development Clinic, Children with Special Health Care Needs
Utah Department of Health, University of Utah campus, 44 North Medical Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 801-584-8510
Autism evaluations and treatment for ages 0-5 years. CSHCN provides and promotes family-centered, coordinated care and facilitates the development of community-based systems for these children and their famlies.


Comprehensive Speech Language Hearing Services
Relocated to the Neurodevelopmental Center, 801-532-1475
Offers a variety of communication-related services for individuals with autism and related disorders, as well as social skills groups for preschool children.


Daily Organizer Task and Treatment Systems (DOTTS)
Robin Clements
Will create individualized picture schedules for children with autism spectrum disorders.


Davis County Mental Health

Children’s Center
Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain
ESGW offers Family Centered Services for Children birth through 22 in the following programs:

Provo Early Intervention Program – A program for children birth through three with disabilities or developmental delays. Please call 801-852-4525 to schedule a no cost evaluation.

Occupational Therapy Clinic – The Occupational Therapists focuses on developing your child’s ability to perform everyday living activities such as eating, bathing, dressing and playing, by enhancing or restoring function that may have been lost due to trauma, disease, a congenital abnormality or a developmental disability. Parents and care-givers of young children are important partners in this service. Please call 801-946-1860 to schedule an appointment

The PLAY Project® –  (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters) offers families an affordable and effective program to help their toddler or preschooler (age 14 mos. to 8 years) with Autism Spectrum Disorder gain language and social skills and build meaningful relationships. Please call 801-633-2091

Peer Connections – A program for establishing and enhancing relational skills, is a transition and friendship program for students with High Functioning Autism. Please call 801-244-3177 for Salt County and 801-376-6012 for Utah County

Enrichment Programs – Throughout the year ESGW offers Handwriting and Sensory classes. Please call 801- 946-1860 for information on classes.



Fat Wheels

Oversized air filled training wheels that make a bicycle more stable. These tires are helping children with disabilities learn to ride a two-wheeler.


Harmony Music Therapy


Holistic Balance Mental Health
Murray, UT
Laraine Miner, LPC
Specializes in Autism-Spectrum children, both high and low functioning.
We are a small mental health practice located in Murray, Utah. We offer clients a relaxed atmosphere that allows them to center their mind, body and spirit. We are equipped to work with individuals as well as couples, families and young adults. Our therapists constantly receive continuing education to ensure that we provide the best service to our clients.


Hope Interventions
Rebecca Pettersson
Specializes in customizing individual Applied Verbal Behavior (AVB) and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) in- home programs to families seeking treatment options for children on the Autism Spectrum and other forms of communication disorders.


Intermountain Speech Pathology Group, LLP
North Salt Lake, UT 84054
801 244 7507
A licensed speech pathology practice consisting of two Speech Language Pathologists who have both state and national (CCC) licensure.


Jay Wheeler, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
2870 South Connor Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
The Out of Sync Child by Carol Stock Cranowitz, Larry B. Silver


Jordan Family Education Center
River’s Edge School (11000 S. 319 West)
The Jordan Family Education Center provides support services and classes for families and students in Jordan School District. These services are provided by the District’s school psychologists and counselors. The center offers classes and short-term counseling on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Classes are free, but registration is required.


Kathy’s Konversions
Kathy has written instructions for modifying retail clothing so that people with limited fine motor ability can wear popular clothing. She also has instructions for creating a weighted vest, blanket and lap pad.


Megan Heath
Floortime Consultant
Utah County
Consults with parents in using Stanley Greenspan’s Floortime method, a DIR-based (Developmental, Individualized, Relationship) program.


NACD (National Association for Child Development)
549 25th Street
Ogden, UT 84401
Provides neurodevelopmental evaluations and individualized programs for children and adults, updated on a quarterly basis. As a family-centered organization, NACD stresses parent training and parent implementation of the program.

Neurobehavior H.O.M.E. Program
The Neurobehavior HOME Program is divided into two parts: the Neurobehavior Clinic and the HOME Program. Neurobehavior Clinic. The Neurobehavior Clinic is a mental health only program for people with developmental disabilities. In this program we treat mental health and behavioral challenges while the person’s own primary care doctor provides medical care. Services are paid for through private insurance, Medicaid, or self pay. This program is currently closed to new patients. HOME Program. The HOME Program is a coordinated care program for people with developmental disabilities where we provide both medical and mental health care. People enrolled in this program receive comprehensive care services. All enrollees have their Medicaid card changed to HOME, and services are covered under Medicaid. Enrollees must meet the following eligibility criteria: Receive Utah Medicaid; Have a developmental disability; Have mental health or behavioral challenges; and Desire to receive both primary medical care and mental health care from our program.

Neurology, Learning, and Behavior Center
Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.
Offers diagnostic evaluations and social skills training for higher-functioning individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Neuropsychology Center of Utah (NPCU)
Adam Schwebach, Ph.D.
1477 North 2000 West, Suite E
Clinton, UT
NPCU provides comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological evaluations to children, adolescents and adults presenting with various brain based disorders, including ADHD, Autism, depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injury, dementia, PTSD and other developmental disabilities. We also provide comprehensive treatment services such as cognitive behavioral therapy, parent training, educational consultation and social skills training. As a specialized center, we follow closely and participate in innovative mental health and behavioral studies, which allows us to provide our patients with the highest quality care available.


Overall Consulting
Sarah Overall, Applied Behavior Analyst Consultant
964 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
Offers full-time, in-home programs based on applied behavior analysis (ABA)/Lovaas techniques.


Just For Kids
Susan Horn OTR/L
Millcreek, Salt Lake City
Just For Kids, a therapist owned and operated therapy clinic founded 2005, providing occupational therapy to children with various abilities including those diagnosed with autism, autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorders, and developmental delay.


P.L.A.Y. Project (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters) is based on the Developmental, Individualized, Relationship-based (DIR) approach of Dr. Stanley Greenspan, popularly known as Floortime. The methods and techniques are designed to help children resolve the three core deficits of autism: 1) self-isolation and impaired social skills, 2) language delay, and 3) impaired communication. The P.L.A.Y. Project Home Consulting Program provides training and support for families of young children (18 months to 6 years) with autism. Trained consultants teach parents techniques that are effective, fun, and useful in day-to-day interactions with their child with autism.

Primary Children’s Medical Center , Department of Neurobehavioral Clinic
Rehab Bountiful (801) 292-8665
Rehab Ogden (801) 387-2080
Rehab Sandy (801) 571-3081
Rehab Taylorsville (801) 840-4360
Rehab Department offers speech-language, sensory integration, occupational and physical therapy. Neurobehavioral clinic provides diagnostic evaluations, neuropsychological assessment, home programs, behavior management, and medication consultation.

Pryor Consulting
Scott Pryor
265 West 1250 North
American Fork, Utah 84003
Offers full-time, in-home programs based on applied behavior analysis (ABA)/Lovaas techniques.


Pure Progression Music Therapy


Redwood Learning Center
PO Box 902277
Sandy, UT 84090-2277
Offers full-time, in-home programs based on applied behavior analysis (ABA)/Lovaas techniques.

Resolution Horse Company
Herriman, UT
Our program is offered at no cost to participants.
To obtain further information, schedule a visit, or learn about volunteering, please call or check our website.
At the Resolution Horse Company, we believe in the power of the horse to heal broken and hurting people – to restore hearts and bring peace and joy to children and families. We invite you to join us for some personal time with a horse, and to possibly find a four-legged new best friend.

Scottish Rite Children’s Learning Center
Salt Lake: 801-486-0579
Ogden 801-627-8878

Sensory Dynamics Institute
8817 Redwood Road Suite C
West Jordan, UT 84088

Sensory Learning Center, LLC

The Children’s Center
Salt Lake City: 801-582-5534
Kearns 801-966-4251
The Children’s Center provides comprehensive mental health services for children ages birth to eight. We serve children with emotional and behavioral disorders. Services include: mental health evaluations and assessments, child and family therapy, social skills groups for children with ASD ages 4-10, PLAY Project (home based DIR/Floortime), evidence-based trauma treatments, therapeutic preschool, parent-toddler groups, and medication management. For more information on how we can help, please visit Services are provided on a sliding scale fee or with insurance.

The NeuroDevelopment Center
370 E. South Temple, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84111, USA
(801) 532-1475
Provides developmental, psychosocial, and educational support for children with a broad range of learning, developmental, and behavior disorders.

University of Utah Autism Clinic

Outpatient services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders across the lifespan, including diagnostic evaluations, social skills groups, psychoeducational assessments, school consultations, medication management, PECS, and speech-language therapy.

University of Utah Department of Psychiatry

Salt Lake City
ASD evaluations

University of Utah Psychoeducational Clinic
1901 East South Campus Drive, Room 1130, Salt Lake City, Utah (801-581-6068)
Advanced graduate students and faculty in the Department of Educational Psychology provide a range of services to children, adolescent, including those with autism spectrum disorders, and their families. Services include psychological and neuropsychological assessment and counseling.

University of Utah Specialty Clinic

University of Utah Speech and Hearing Clinic
Offers speech and language evaluation and treatment services at low cost.

Utah Autism Initiative (UAI)
Dr. Harper Randall
The Utah Autism Initiative (UAI) is a multi-agency committee made up of state agency representatives and parents of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This committee was created by Dr David Sundwall, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Health (UDOH), in spring of 1997. The UAI objectives are to foster communication amongst the agencies which provide services for those with ASD, increase awareness of the services being offered and the gaps in these services, and make recommendations to improve the quality of life and outcomes for individuals with ASD.

Valley Mental Health
(888) 949-4VMH (4864)
We serve adults, children, and seniors in Salt Lake, Tooele, and Summit County.
A behavioral healthcare provider specializing in mental health, substance abuse and prevention services.

Wasatch Mental Health