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The Lego League ~

The Lego League for 9-14 (ages are rigid because of the tournament guidelines http://www.firstlegoleague.org/).

The team will work together to build and program a robot using a Lego Mindstorm kit, and prepare for other tournament activities. Working together will provide several in-the-moment opportunities for the kids to practice social skills, coping skills, problem solving skills, and positive teamwork and friendship. Only 4 spots remain on the team. Because this group requires such a massive commitment, we are asking that you pre-register for this course and commit to it.

It runs from August 24th through the first or second week of January when we will attend a regional tournament. Based on experience, team members need to be able to communicate effectively, problem solve, and follow directions with little behavioral reinforcement. Please contact Chella at the Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic at 801-587-8020 to discuss getting your child on the team.

Please explore http://utfll.utah.edu/2014/02/video-state-championship-jan-25-2014/.