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University-Associated Resources

University of Utah

  • iStar:
    • Project Objective: Strengthen and develop the social and occupational skills of youth with neurodiversity such as high-functioning autisitic youth by building on their visual-spatial abilities and interests.
    • Utah Autism Research Program:
      • The Utah Autism Research program conducts research into various possible causes of autism spectrum disorders.
      • Neuroscience Program:
        • Dr. Lainhart’s research focuses on understanding brain growth, development, and maturation in autism from the fetal period into adulthood. She leads a multidisciplinary research group that is conducting a longitudinal neuroimaging study of the brain in autism.
        • Interdisciplinary Disability Studies:
          • Educating students on how disability is defined and represented in society. The Disability Studies Graduate Certificate prepares students from various disciplines to create change in their work and social lives

Brigham Young University

  • Autism Research:
    • Our research is focused on how emotional regulation systems of the brain (including amygdala and orbital frontal cortex) relate to learning about other people, and how these same systems relate to the frequent occurrence of anxiety symptoms in autism.
    • TiLAR:
      • TiLAR stands for Therapist in the Loop Assistive Robotics. It is the working name for our efforts to use robots to help children with social learning disabilities.

Utah State University

    • The Autism Support Services: Education, Research, and Training (ASSERT) program at Utah State University provides research-based support to:
      • Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their families.
      • Teachers and other professionals who work with individuals with ASD
      • Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation
        • Utah State University’s Special Education Program & Rehabilitation Counseling Program consistently rank in the top 20 programs in the U.S. News & World Report Annual Survey of Graduate Programs in the United States.

Utah Valley University

  • Autism Resources ~ UVU offers a complete Minor in Autism Studies.  The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc. has approved the UVU course sequence as meeting the course sequence as meeting the coursework requirements and has approved the UVU practicum sources toward the experience requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst Examination.   Applicants will have to meeting additional requirements to qualify.
  • Autism Conference at UVU ~ Annual conference for educators, families, and professionals Community for Accredited Online Schools. 


Community for Accredited Online Schools ~ Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities 

  • Students with disabilities deserve an education just like every other student. And like the majority of college students, students with disabilities often have trouble finding ways to pay for school and school related costs. There are many special scholarships and financial aid opportunities intended for particular students, such as minority students, those studying a particular field or applicants with a notable academic record. There are also special financial aid and scholarship opportunities for students with disabilities. The purpose of this guide is to focus on these financial aid opportunities and discuss how to take advantage of them.

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