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Autism Council of Utah Video

This is a short video description of who we are and what we do.

Our Boys Our Purpose

This is one local mom’s picture journey through autism.

Autism Training Video for Police Officers

SaharaCares teamed up with the Autism Council of Utah to create a training video to be used to train police officers at training facilities and in regular pre-duty training sessions.  The purpose of the DVD is to raise awareness of the rising prevalence of autism in our communities.

Autism Every Day – Autism Speaks

Autism Every Day is a film produced by Lauren Thierry of October Group and Eric Solomon of Milestone Video. It showcases different parents raising children with autism.

Autism Through the Sibling’s Eyes – ACU

Take a look at autism through the eyes of the siblings. Learn about how they feel, what they think autism is and how they live with it.

What to do at 22?

As young adults reach age 22 most families want to celebrate. But for families with an autistic child, a 22nd birthday can be a time of great stress. That’s because some needed services may no longer be available to their child as they “age out” of the system. The one hour film “Autism: Coming of Age” explores the hopes, fears and challenges of parents raising children with autism. A documentary on UEN.

Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D. – Transitions to Adulthood for Learners with ASD

Today, professionals, families and learners with ASD are beginning to redefine the outcomes of the transition process beyond simple job placement to focus on career development and measures of personal competence and life satisfaction. To this end, this presentation will provide an overview and practical suggestions for transition planning AT ANY AGE in support of desirable and individualized employment outcomes with attention to assessment, community based training, employment development, job-related social skills, and quality of life concerns.

More Videos From ACU

There are more videos from ACU meetings and presentations available on youtube. What follows are some of our favorites from the Resource Committee.